Monday, July 7, 2008

Ancient Indian’s health tips-

Here I am going to post some tips used by ancient Indians to maintain our health fit and healthy. In India for health treatment a science is used from years known as Ayurved. This science is not only treating problems but also solve the problem from base. Human being has 160 diseases 80 of which are by acidity, 60 of cough & 20 of wat. This 160 problems covers all the human being diseases. Now days some new diseases are arrived like cancer, aids etc.
Important healthy tips
1) Be happy.
2) Wake up early in the morning.
3) Drink at least 1 or 1.5 lit water when you wake up.
4) Exercise for minimum 30 minutes in early morning.
5) Do some meditation & yoga for minimum 15 minutes.
6) Drink minimum 200ml fresh milk daily after 1 hour of exercise.
7) Meal should be taken for only 2 times a day.
8) Don’t take heavy meal that is the ratio should be 50% meal, 25% water, 25% should be free.
9) Lunch & dinner time tables should be strictly maintained.
10) Take 15 minutes rest after meal, don’t work immediately.
11) Walk for minimum 10 minutes after dinner, don’t sleep immediately.
12) Drink at least 5 liter water per day.
13) Drink only 200ml water after meal & drink max. water after 1hour.
14) Meal should be simple, don’t eat oily, spicy meal.
15) Meal should cover all types of tastes like sour, bitter, salty, sweet, and slightly spicy.
16) Drink buttermilk daily.
17) Ignore late night working.


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Great tips! Make a lot of sense. #1 is a favorite.